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Do you have a large home improvement project that you have been waiting to get to but just never seem to have the time? Or perhaps you don’t have the time, knowledge, or tools to complete such a large task. Hire a Dayton contractor instead!

We specialize in all things home remodeling including house repairs, tile installation projects, air conditioner repair, thermostat repair, and much larger scale projects like total kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, custom closets, finished basements and even home additions.

We encourage you to do your research to ensure you find the right general contractor for the job. A simple search for “contractors near me” will provide you with a list of local home improvement contractors to pick from. Browse their work, review their services, and give a couple a call to set up an in-person meeting and walk through of your project. There are plenty of talented general contractors in Dayton, Ohio and we appreciate you considering us one of them!

What you Should Expect from your Dayton Home Contractor

Dayton’s Top Home Remodeling Contractors are knowledgeable, honest, and hold themselves to the highest standards.

A general contractor is an individual who is responsible for overseeing your construction project from start to finish. They will make frequent contact with the owner and are responsible for the completion and oversight of the home remodel. Many general contractors in Dayton, Ohio hire trades people to assist them in buying materials, preparing rooms for renovation, and completing tasks. The general contractor will answer any questions or concerns of the homeowner and assumes full responsibility for the screening and management of his subcontractors and employees.

Our professional home remodeling contractors hold our employees to the highest standards of customer service, finishing, and expect that they will treat our customers and our client’s homes the same way they would treat their own.

Dayton Home Renovation Services

How to Hire Dayton General Contractors

Once you have completed your search for “contractors near me”, and have done some research, you should have a feel for the quality of their work based on the portfolio presented throughout their website. Choose a reliable Dayton general contractor whose work represents the type of quality you would expect in your own home. You should carefully read through customer reviews to ensure you are hiring a remodeling contractor who is reputable and whose services are highly recommended by local community residents. When comparing testimonials, it is often easy to see that one can gain insight into the skills, experience, reliability, and potential pitfalls of a home remodeling professional.

Although we here at Dayton’s Top Home Remodeling Contractors do not claim to be the cheapest, we do take great pride in the testimonies of our satisfied customers.

What does a Dayton General Contractors Do?

Dayton’s Home Remodeling Contractors perform and/or overview all takes related to the construction project for which they are contracted for. For example, if you hire one of our home improvement contractors, you can expect the following responsibilities to be assumed by the home remodeling contractor:

  • He will estimate the cost of the project and project homeowner with a written quote
  • He will explain the scope of the estimate to the homeowner and answer any questions they may have
  • He will hire any/all subcontractors needed throughout the project. For example, if a client requests custom kitchen countertops, our Dayton kitchen remodeling contractor will source and hire a subcontractor who specializes in the aforementioned counters
  • He will secure any and all required permits before starting on a home renovation
  • He will make payments to subcontractors and manage expenses and budget
  • He will supervise the work of the subcontractors and hold them to the same standards that Dayton Home Remodeling Contractor holds to itself
  • He will troubleshoot and work to resolve any construction-related issues
  • He will purchase all construction materials. Sometimes homeowners wish to be involved in the purchasing of certain items such as appliances, tile, fixtures. This is acceptable but the owner must communicate this to the contractor
  • He will create and be held accountable for the project timeline

Additionally, the general contractor should regularly update the property owners, communicate problems, and work to incorporate the homeowners into the project as little or as much as they request.

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