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Kitchen remodeling projects can take on average of 1-2 weeks to complete depending on the scope and size of the kitchen as well as the materials requested by the homeowner. For example, if custom cabinets or custom tile is requested, these items may take time to have built or cut and delivered to the work site. Our Dayton kitchen remodeling contractors can help you design your dream kitchen and we strive to make the experience enjoyable from the start to finish. We recognize that for many owners, the kitchen symbolizes the heart of their home and the place in which many family activities occur from large home-cooked gathers to daily homework and school projects. We know how important it is that everything works correctly and fits the needs of your entire family. Our Dayton kitchen remodelers will work with you to plan, design, and build the kitchen you need.

How to find a Dayton Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

Homeowner looking for a Dayton kitchen remodeler? Dayton’s Top Home Remodeling Contractors know kitchen remodeling. We offer reliable and experienced services which result in a professional and durable kitchen renovation. Remember that new and inexperienced kitchen remodelers can offer you cheap services, but the result may not be satisfactory. We encourage owners to review their project with prospective contractors and ask lots of questions about the scope of their work and experience.

So you have decided to renovate the heart of your home! The team at Dayton’s Top Home Remodeling Contractors knows how to do kitchens. We also know that it is exciting and scary to plan a kitchen renovation. We know that it needs to be done right the first time.

Dayton Kitchen Remodeling

What Kitchen Remodeling Services do we offer?

Our total kitchen remodeling experts can manage any kitchen remodel from the smallest cabinet resurfacing request to a total gut and re-construction contract. Here is a list of the kitchen remodeling services that we provide:

  • Kitchen cabinetry or custom kitchen cabinets: our selection of kitchen cabinetry offerings ranges from stock kitchen cabinets, semi-custom kitchen cabinets to total custom kitchen cabinets. We can also do custom, semi-custom, or stock cabinets in other rooms such as with a bedroom custom closet, bathroom vanity, bedroom wardrobes, and baby nursery or changing table stations. Check out our bathroom remodeling page for more information.
  • Kitchen countertops: our selection of kitchen countertops include granite, solid surface stone, laminate or plastic variants, cultured stone such as marble, solid durable stone like quartz, as well as other unique kitchen countertop offerings like concrete, glass, and sandstone.
  • Kitchen sinks: arguably, the kitchen sink is the hardest working fixture in your kitchen. Compared to an oven or microwave that is used just a handful of times, your sink is used way more often. The kitchen essentially revolves around the sink and as a result there are hundreds of options for sinks which include self-rimming sinks, drop-in sinks, undermount sinks, flush mount sinks in endless materials including scratch resistant stainless steel sinks, durable cast iron sinks, fireclay ceramic sinks, non-porous acrylic sinks, solid surface sinks, metal sinks like copper and bronze, stone sinks including granite, enameled steel sinks, contemporary concrete sinks and composite sinks. These sinks vary in size as well as bowl depth and of course styles such as farmhouse sinks.
  • Kitchen backsplashes: The kitchen backsplash used to be a functional item only helping prevent oils and stains on the walls. Today, the decorative kitchen backsplashes are used to express a homeowners personal style and design aesthetic everything from elaborate mosaic designs to simple solid glass tiles. With so many options, where should you start? We offer an infinite array of options including ceramic, porcelain, stone and metal tiles, mosaic tiles and geometric patterns, plastic laminate or thermoplastic tiles, glass tiles, solid surface tiles, or a combination of these styles.
  • Kitchen floors: We offer any flooring that you desire in your kitchen but we recommend tile flooring, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring or stone flooring due to the ease of cleanup and the likelihood of spills in the kitchen.

Special Considerations of a Kitchen Remodel

Top 10 questions homeowners should ask themselves when considering a kitchen remodeling project:

  1. In a typical week, how many people will use the kitchen?
  2. How often will you use the kitchen for cooking?
  3. What types of foods will you cook? (acidic, fish, poultry, etc)
  4. Do you use the kitchen for other tasks such as work, homework, business tasks?
  5. What types of appliances do you want or prefer? (gas vs. electric)
  6. What appliances do you already have and how much counter space do they occupy?
  7. What is the style of your home and what is appropriate for the house style?
  8. Will you need additional ventilation?
  9. Will you need additional storage or cabinet space?
  10. Do you want energy efficient or green kitchen appliances?

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