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When you think of a luxurious hotel room, what room really brings it home for you? There is a reason why luxury resorts spend millions of dollars on top of the line, spa-like bathrooms. Stepping into a smoothly tiled sparkling clean bathroom is like a form of therapy after a long hard day. A brightly lit bathroom vanity can invigorate the body and the hot water from a steaming rainfall showerhead massages and washes woes down the drain.

The master bathroom is a place to retreat for some “me-time” which is precisely why Dayton homeowners are opting to hire bathroom remodeling experts and renovate this space to create their ultimate bathroom oasis.

Dayton Bathroom Remodeling

How long does it take to Remodel a Bathroom?

Depending on the scope of the renovation, a typical bathroom remodeling project takes anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks. For a small powder room or guest bathroom update, our Dayton bathroom remodeling contractors can get the job done within a week. For custom master bathroom overhauls, expect the project to take 4 or more weeks. This allows us time to design your dream luxury bathroom and order in any special soaker tubs or tile that you desire. We do not have a minimum project size and complete anything from swapping out bathroom vanities and reconnecting the plumbing to completely gutting an outdated bathroom (straight out of the 1800’s) and reconstructing it to reflect a modern age masterpiece.

If you are a Dayton couple or bachelor looking to create your dream master bathroom, spa, or oasis let our Dayton bathroom remodelers assist you in designing a one of a kind bathroom. We use designer brands such as Aristokraft, Basco, Bootz, Koehler, Moen and more. We know our customers value quality and we work to combine value and best price with your overall bathroom remodeling design.

3 Tips for the Perfect Bathroom Remodel

  1. Make a list of the 3 most important features of your dream master bathroom. These will help you communicate to your Dayton bathroom remodeler the key items for your renovation.
  2. Based on the average cost of a bathroom remodel, develop an idea of what you are comfortable spending on your bathroom remodeling project and determine if your budget is within the average bathroom remodeling costs. This will prepare you for speaking with a bathroom remodeling contractor about your budget and will assist you in determining if the costs estimated by the professional are realistic and on-par with your expectations.
  3. Gather some bathroom remodeling ideas and design inspiration. Ask yourself why you want to remodel your bathroom. Are you trying to achieve a modern look or better functionality. Is the bathroom going to be used by children or adults. Will the bathroom be used for leisure and relaxation or does it need to suit a fast-paced businessman or businesswoman. When you walk through your remodeling ideas with your contractor, provide many samples and pictures of bathrooms that you like. The more you are able to communicate your expectations at the beginning of the project, the more likely you are to achieve your bathroom remodeling ideas.

BONUS TIP: Dayton’s Top Home Remodeling Contractors may not be Dayton’s cheapest bathroom remodeling contractors but we take great pride in our ability to listen to our clients’ desires and translate their wishes into the final remodeled bathroom product.

Whether you were searching around for “bathroom remodeling contractors near me” and found us, you are looking for bathroom remodeling contractor costs, or you were referred by one of our customers, we are happy you found us. We know we are one of Dayton’s premier bathroom remodeling companies. Get in touch with us today!

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